for drivers

(and their friends)

It's never been easier to Buy Sell Lease Finance Auction Your Car or Truck.


Driving a car isn’t just a necessity of life, it is often one of its pleasures. Buying, selling, leasing, financing or trading a vehicle in? Well, not so much.

The reality is a trip to a car dealership is too often a time-consuming, frustrating experience, with too many unnecessary middlemen and fees in the middle. We all know the drill. Reams of paperwork, credit checks and busy dealers who sometimes can’t get you the car or deal you really want.

Now there’s a better way. DRIVRZ, from PowerBand.

DRIVRZ lets you buy, sell, lease, finance or trade your car in minutes, if not seconds. Best of all you can do your deal with much less time in a dealership, or even without stepping into a dealership at all.

It’s all possible because of DRIVRZ. A cloud-based, simple to use platform that is revolutionizing how we buy, sell, lease, finance and trade cars and trucks. DRIVRZ can approve a lease in as little as eight seconds. DRIVRZ makes buying, selling or leasing a car as easy as you use order on Amazon, from your smart phone or other digital device, from anywhere.

For customers, DRIVRZ means you can sell your car by taking a few pictures on your smart phone, filling out a few questions and then putting up into our cloud-based market, for millions to see. Buying, leasing and financing is just as easy, and faster than anything out there today. Tesla started using DRIVRZ because we could approve a lease in eight seconds, an unheard-of speed.

For dealerships, it’s also a game changer. Dealers will have a reliable, continent-wide platform for trading and researching the market, from anywhere. Costs for all aspects of vehicle transactions will be well below what is now being paid, good for dealerships and the consumer.

DRIVRZ just makes transactions in the US$200-billion vehicle market seamless, fast and easy for everyone. It’s now being introduced to more than 26,000 dealerships across North America, for millions of people to use. And we’ll be going global soon.

Say hello to DRIVRZ — for drivers.